Top-3 Ways to Avoid Downloading Trojans on Android Devices.

Top-3 Ways to Avoid Downloading Trojans on Android Devices.

1⃣ Always Update Your Android Device

👉 Every time Google releases a new version of Android or a new update to existing versions, it comes with various bug fixes and enhanced security features. You should always keep updated version of apps and security🔒 updates

👉 However, Android updates are something that we always ignore, and that can cost us a lot. Therefore, make sure to install the updates as soon as it arrives.

2⃣ Don’t go for Unknowns source

👉 The first and foremost thing that you should always consider while downloading the apps or the tools on your Android device is that you should always go for the safe places to download anything and not go for any unknown sources that you probably are not sure about reliability.

👉 Mostly the Trojans come only with those apps which have been downloaded from other sources rather than the well-known safe sources like Play Store. These infected files from unknown sources could combine with the Trojans which could then reach your device.

3⃣ Be Careful from Free Stuffs

👉 Well, we all love to play Android games that come for free. However, most of the Trojans are often hosted in the free version of apps and games.

👉 Moreover, modded files are the most dangerous file that you can ever download on your Android because they can grab all the information from your device. Even if you are going for a free app or game, make sure to choose a trusted developer.

✅ Thats it, Make sure to Do all these we mentioned. And use Malware eliminating apps as well.

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