How to do a reverse image search on your iPhone

There are many reasons why you might want to do a reverse image search. Catfishing has become very popular on social media sites in today’s digital age, and like any scam, it can be worrying. Arm yourself with information, here are five online scams that could cost you thousands.

A simple reverse image search can verify someone’s identity, so you’ll know right away if you’re getting caught in an ugly scam. Perhaps your personal images are being used inappropriately. A reverse image search can also help with this.

Perhaps you’re an avid online buyer and want to make sure you’re getting the best price for an item. A reverse image search can get you comparison shop results in seconds. Whatever the reason, here are ways to do reverse image search on your iPhone.

using safari
If you want to use Safari to perform a reverse image search, the process is a bit more complicated. You have to navigate to the desktop site to get your results.

Using the Google Chrome App
The Chrome app simplifies this process. If you don’t have it on your iPhone, you’ll need to download Chrome from Apple’s App Store.

using reversi
Reversi is a third-party app that gives results similar to Google’s but without all the extra steps. After you download the app, all you have to do is open it and choose a picture.

After selecting a picture, all you have to do is select Search and it will give you all Google search results in one easy move.

When looking for ways to do a reverse image search, you have a lot of options. Whether you choose to use a third-party app or Safari, these steps will help you achieve the desired results. If you’re looking for a newer web browser, try these Google alternatives that are more secure and private.

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