10 digital life tricks you’ll wish you knew sooner

Hacks are everywhere. Pinterest is full of them, and there are enough television shows dedicated to hacks that can make your life easier with a few simple tricks. Life and machines can get complicated, and hacks make things a little easier.

If we need hacks for normal life, we definitely need them for everything electronic. The digital world can be overwhelming for those who don’t have the hours to spend learning every program, platform, and piece of electronic equipment. This is where Digital Life Tricks can be a life saver. Tap or click here to create your own keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcuts exist on our keyboards for a reason. They make life easier. Who wants to double click and scroll eight times when they can press a few keys and presto, you’re immediately where you need to be. If you’re as busy as the rest of us, here are 10 digital life tricks you’ll always use.

1. Transcribe any audio file instantly
Tired of taking notes during online meetings? Taking notes can be exhausting in itself and it is almost impossible to summarize everything, word by word. Otter.ai wants to change that. While Zoom is the popular app to use with Otter.ai, there are many other options as well. The program comes with features you will never be able to live without.

It has a premium version for some of its most advanced features, but there is a free option that allows you to transcribe for free. Tap or click here to learn more about Otter.ai.

2. Shortcuts with YOUR MOUSE WHEEL
While many of us choose to use a laptop instead of a desktop computer, a Bluetooth mouse can come in handy for avoiding that obnoxiously finicky touchpad we all secretly hate. If you have a mouse, use this neat trick.

When you find a link that you want to open in a new tab, scroll to that link and tap your mouse wheel. A new tab opens immediately. Tap or click here for useful Zoom shortcuts.

3. Use Your Pencil Eraser for Something Useful
Anyone who took the standardized test remembers how useless the pink eraser attached to your #2 pencil was. Well, surprisingly, there is something that Eraser can do to make your life easier.

How many dirty white charging wires do you have? If you’re an average American, the answer is probably a lot. How do you get rid of nasty scratch marks that plague every white surface in your home? Make them look brand new with an eraser! You can also gently remove any oxidation from the charging cords with that pesky pink eraser.

4. Create a Secret World of Conversations with Your iPhone
Regardless of why you want to keep your text messages a secret, this can be a handy feature that not everyone knows about. Perhaps you use your phone for work and don’t want personal messages to pop up when you’re with clients. Keep your private messages private by using the iPhone’s Incognito feature.

Now that a person has been added to your note and given permission to make changes, you can communicate privately. And it won’t show up in your text messages.

5. Search results without extra steps
Turn Google into a specific search engine for any website using just the tab button on your computer.

Note: Based on our testing, it works in Edge and Chrome. For Safari and Firefox, you can use this trick: Enter your search term with “site:” followed by the website you want to search. For example, you can enter “technical tips site: komando.com” to search this website for tech tips.

6. Store Digital Signatures on Your Mac
We sign a lot of documents digitally these days as opposed to personally. Digital signatures can be easier to store. It’s easy on a Mac using the Preview app. This way.

From there you have two options. You can sign using your trackpad or sign your name on a white piece of paper and hold it up to your webcam. Voila!

Use Windows computer? Tap or click here to follow the steps. Scroll down to number 4.

7. Use Siri or Google Assistant to Disable Weak Wi-Fi
Before the world of unlimited data, we jumped at the opportunity to tap into free Wi-Fi to avoid those extra data charges. Now, most of us have unlimited data plans, but our phones are still pre-programmed to discover an open Wi-Fi connection in order to save on carrier data whenever possible.

The problem is that if you have a weak Wi-Fi connection, it will slow down your phone. Not to mention the security risks that come with free public Wi-Fi.

Instead, switch to data to speed things up. Now you can avoid having to go into your phone and avoid the time-consuming steps of asking Siri or Google Assistant to do it for you. A simple “Hey Siri, turn off my Wi-Fi” will do the trick.

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