Check your medicine cabinet: Use this site to find recalled Rx drugs

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Speaking of health, when was the last time you looked at your medicine cabinet? Drug companies are doing recalls all the time that you probably didn’t know about. We’ll show you how to start a prescription drug audit to make sure your medicine is safe to take.

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Recall usually refers to a voluntary action taken by a company to remove a defective product from the market. This can apply to anything from cars to television sets. Sometimes a recall will be mandated by the government.

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You can check the status of all your prescription drugs by visiting and following a few steps:

Type the brand name or product description in the search field. For example, you can search for Advil products or generic ibuprofen names.

Click the Product Type drop-down menu to narrow your search results.

You will get a list of medicines matching your query. You can export the result to Excel by clicking on the Export Excel button. This will download the file with the excel extension .

If you see your product in the list, clicking on it will be directed to a page with a summary of the recall and more details behind it. You may also find instructions on how to return the defective product and contact information for the manufacturer.

The FDA notes that the results on this page come from press releases and other public notices. Your product may be recalled but does not come up in search. The Enforcement Report program includes information about pending recalls as well as those classified by the FDA.

Always consult your doctor before making any changes regarding your medication. And if you want to get vaccinated against it, it’s better to wait than to take the chance of getting a bad batch from the dark web.

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