Best site for easily turning videos into GIFs

You are probably used to sharing photos and videos with others via text and social media. The pandemic has prompted people to use these types of devices more than ever.

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But GIFs are even more fun. These bite-sized clips can capture any emotion or reaction imaginable. There are countless databases containing GIFs originating from pop culture, stocks or general content. That’s all well and good, but what if you want to be more original? You share your own photos and videos without relying on it and you can do the same with GIFs. This way.

It’s pronounced like peanut butter
The Graphics Interchange Format, or GIF, has existed since the beginning of the Internet. This format is easily shareable and is compatible with multiple platforms.

Sharing large video clips isn’t always possible or desirable. GIF breaks them down into a few frames so you can send and share with wild abandon. Tap or click here to learn how to convert your old photos to videos.

Before you jump into the GIF pool, remember that copyright rules still apply. You have your own videos to convert and share, but if you use copyrighted media, make sure it falls under fair use. If you’re using the GIF for personal commentary, criticism, or parody, you should be fine. When it comes to your business or company, stay away from using GIFs that contain other people’s actions or famous faces.

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There are many ways to convert your videos to GIFs, and is the most direct way. Go to the website and you will have the option to upload the video or link to the video URL. You can upload mp4, avi, webm, flv, wmv and other formats from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Once your video is in the system, select the section you want to convert by entering the start and end times. If you do not enter these parameters, the converter will use the first five seconds of your video clip.

The toolbar lets you crop, resize, and rotate your GIF. You can set the speed for the entire GIF or play it in reverse. There are also options to add text, effects and overlays. Want to censor a part of your GIF? There is an option for that too.

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