How to schedule a text, down to the minute, on your Android

There are a lot of things going on in our lives now, and this can lead to many important occasions that go through the cracks. Whether it’s wishing someone a happy birthday or giving an update on a meeting, prioritizing communication isn’t everyone’s strong suit.

Luckily Google realizes that people forget, and with the latest update to the Android operating system, you can now schedule text messages. Tap or click here for an easy way to speed up your Android device.

This is a great option if a friend or loved one lives in a different time zone, and sending a message can wake them up immediately. You can use this as a nifty function by scheduling a text to remind someone not to miss a meeting, place or gathering. Keep reading to find out how.

When it is set up and sent correctly, you will see a message confirming that it will not be sent until the specified time. changed your mind? Tap the clock icon next to a message to cancel, send it immediately, or change the time.

Apple has similar functionality for iPhones, but it’s not natively built into the operating system. Some people have found a workaround via shortcuts, while others use a third-party app called Scheduled.

It’s important to note that scheduling on Android devices can only happen through the Google Messages app. It is available in the Google Play store, and also integrates with Google Assistant. It is similar in nature to Apple’s iMessage.

send messages from your desktop
By linking your Android phone to your web browser, you can also schedule messages from your desktop computer.

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