5 hidden Google Nest Cam settings you need to use

It’s convenient to have a personal butler at your front door, especially if you’re concerned about safety and security. But few can appoint Alfred or Belvedere. As an alternative, many people are turning to Google Nest’s smart cameras and doorbells.

The rather broad range can show you what’s going on in and around your property and alert you to any strangers hiding in the bushes. As Google expands the technology, so do the functions of Nest. Tap or click here for 15 tech tricks you wish you knew sooner.

There isn’t always a manual for what’s new, what’s changed, or what features come in handy. Luckily, we’ve come up with five hidden Google Nest camera settings that you need to use with your devices.

1. Share Nest Cam Video Feed
One great feature of the Google Nest Cam, especially if you’re concerned about the safety of others, is the ability to share a video feed. This allows more people to keep an eye on things, like children checking on their parents.

However, there is one thing you should keep in mind. Don’t set it up with a public link. If you do this, anyone on the Internet will be able to view the feed. The safest way is to use the option for password protected links.

Only people with direct links and saved passwords will be allowed to view the video feed. 10 people can watch it simultaneously.

2. Set up an Activity Zone
If you need to see a specific part of your home or yard, the best thing to do is to set up an activity area. To detect movement in these areas, the Nest Cam sends you an alert and timestamps the activity in video playback.

It’s better suited for outdoor cameras, but you can set custom zones for any motion detection you want. Up to four zones can be set per camera, and you can customize the size, shape, color, and name.

3. Nest Hello Doorbell
Activity zones also work with the Nest Hello doorbell, which will alert you to any package deliveries. But the best feature is that it recognizes familiar faces and instantly shows you who’s at your front door.

When the doorbell rings, Nest Hello will show you a short HD video of who it is and keep a recording of the scene for three hours. The camera is fine-tuned to show you the person from head to toe, so you can be sure it’s safe to open the door.

Want to surprise a friend at the door? Nest Hello will let you know if there’s a stranger or a familiar face – even if they haven’t rang the bell. Note: You will need a subscription to Nest Aware for package delivery alerts to work.

4. Add Google Assistant
If you have a Nest Cam Indoor or Nest Guard, why not add Google Assistant? You can control your smart home through it, doing the same thing as Google Assistant on your mobile device.

Pair it with your Nest thermostat and you can control the temperature with it. Need to know what the weather will be like? Just ask your Nest Cam indoor. You can also ask the Google Assistant to show you a live video feed of any Nest cameras you’ve set up on your television.

Just know that there are some things you can’t do with the Google Assistant on Nest Cam Indoor or Nest Guard.

5. Activate Home and Away Assist for Extra Security
Going on vacation and want to make the appearance of being someone’s home? Nest’s Home & Away Assist will make your life a lot easier. The idea behind the functionality is that all Nest devices connected to your system automatically change their behavior based on the setting.

Cameras will be activated or deactivated through presence sensing and phone locations once everyone leaves or arrives at someone’s home. Other devices that can be configured include Nest thermostats, smart lights and plugs, and smart switches.

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