The insider pro trick to find any photo on your phone in seconds

Our phones are full of pictures. Pick 25 at random, and I’ll bet there are only a handful of good photos you’ll want to keep.

Duplicates and shots right before good make up a lot of that junk. It’s easy to clean with the right tools. Tap or click for easy ways to find and remove all your duplicates.

Then there’s editing. Most of us don’t have the skill of Photoshop or want to pay for it. Today’s free software can turn your quick snaps into works of art worthy of printing and hanging. Tap or click for some great, completely free photo editing options.

But what can you do when you’re stuck trying to find a picture in a sea of ​​thousands? Let’s turn to some of the built-in features of your phone.

Find the perfect sunset shot on your iPhone
Back in the day, sorting through photos was a pain. not anymore. Facial recognition, scene and object detection, and artificial intelligence give you the power to narrow down what you’re looking for and only display photos that match your search.

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get creative. Try variations of what you’re looking for, or try entering multiple keywords to refine.

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From here, you can choose a person or pet, view places or things, or even browse by category, such as screenshots, selfies, and videos.
To search for something specific, type it into the search bar at the top of the page.

Results will pop up, probably before you finish typing.
Google Photos has many other cool ways to look for memorable photos. Try out the Spotlight, Recent Highlights and Flashback features. Simply open the app and click on the card at the top.

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