Security tip: 5 mistakes to avoid when downloading files

I’ve noticed a lot of questions popping up in my inbox lately about whether the downloads I’ve suggested are safe. the answer is yes. We rigorously test them before recommending anything to readers. But there are other sites that probably aren’t, so you need to be careful. It’s easy to be careless when downloading … Read more

4 data back up mistakes you’re probably making

Electronic data is the key that creates the possibility of working online. Without it, we’d all have to go back to scribbling on paper and scrolling through countless file cabinets. Folders and papers are easy to lose, so you must store them safely. Actually, the same goes for electronic data. You’ll need to back up … Read more

5 sites for checking your grammar

There’s nothing worse than sending a business email or posting a blog entry, only to realize later that you have a typo or poor grammar. how did this happen? After all, you use Microsoft Word, which has a built-in spell-checking feature. Unfortunately, this type of spell checker is basic, nothing fancy. The good news is … Read more